For What It’s Worth

Cracking a yoke

An Easter egg hunt incident in Seattle was no yoke and is e(gg)xactly the type of story you don’t eggspect to read. In what police called a “hard-boiled tale,” two moms, who shell remain unnamed, apparently lacked sunny-side up dispositions and laid fisticuffs on one another rather than sitting on a dispute that occurred while their children scrambled toward some brightly colored eggs.

Let’s go over easy on the details. Don’t want to lay an egg in retelling the story. Apparently the two mothers were egging their children on in their search for the colored eggs when one mom apparently pushed a child aside as her own scrambled toward some eggs. Not liking this hen-drance, the other mom squawked and feathers flew, in a manner of speaking. The disagreement hatched into fisticuffs and one mom had her nose cracked hard enough to cause a nosebleed.

When police arrived, one mom had flown the coop. The remaining mom, rather than stir the nest anymore, declined to file charges against her attacker. So, having scratched up as much information as they could, police decided that the woman’s lack of interest in laying on any charges left them without “any info that could crack the case.”

All that over Easter eggs which no Easter bunny could ever have laid. How about that for having egg on your face?

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1 Response to For What It’s Worth

  1. Cindy says:

    The eggzample those mother hens set for their chicks is nothing to crow about.

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