Welcome to My World

Retirement marked the end of one phase of my life and the launching of another. Phase one was 40-plus years as a journalist and journalism educator. Phase two is staying busy in retirement writing Christian fiction, editing publications associated with my church, and freelancing my editing skills for income assistance. I am also enjoying time with my wife, children, grandchildren and extended family.

I was blessed in my career as a journalist. Each of the publications I edited or published won awards, and the newspapers offered an opportunity to be involved in the community and to make a positive contribution to the welfare of the community. Yes, there were tough times. Financial challenges, legal issues, being cursed at or threatened by irate readers or advertisers, or other events made some days less than pleasant. But the hugs from children, news stories that helped make possible a kidney transplant or passage of a school bond, and hearing people in the community talk about “our newspaper” made for many more good days than bad.

While I am proud of the honors received, especially those for public service, general excellence and editorials, the greatest reward of being a journalist was the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the community and to the lives of the people living there. As an educator, I hope I was an inspiration and successful mentor to those college journalists whose enthusiasm and sense of purpose energized and encouraged me.

Now, I am editing the copy for the Baptist Times, as well as editing and writing for various publications at my church, and I hope to touch lives through the medium of Christian novels. It’s a tough field in which to achieve a breakthrough, but I have faith it will happen.

All of us face faith issues in our lives. How we confront these and resolve them is central to our lives. These issues of faith, such as accepting or rejecting God or wondering why God allows certain things to happen in our lives, are central themes in my novels.

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