For What It’s Worth

Geese, goslings and gawking

Not sure which approach applies here. Being three-quarters of a century old causes me to see wonder in small things or simply a case of small things amuse a small mind. Whatever, I got a kick out of gawking at some geese and goslings today.

As I walked into the office headed for my desk, out of the corner of my eye (do eyes have corners?) I saw some movement in the patio area just outside the office door. The door was open to allow more light into the room through the primarily glass storm door. I stopped and glanced out the door to see what had caused the movement.

To my surprise, two yellow, fuzzy goslings were trekking along the side of the walkway connecting to the patio. Finding this unexpected and interesting, I immediately, and with urgency in my voice, commanded my wife, “Quick, look at this.” I suppose the fact that I was staring out the door and pointing in that direction kept Carol from having to respond, “Where? Look at what?”

She looked (what else was she going to do?) and instantly shared my enthusiasm and excitement. “Neat. They’re so cute.” Maybe that’s not exactly what she said, but it’s close. Who can remember exact words in such moments of excitement? (When you reach senior citizen status and retirement, excitement takes on a new definition, as you will discover when you get there.)

Possibly, you may be wondering what in the world geese and goslings are doing outside our door. Do we live in a bird sanctuary or adjacent to the Boomer Lake walking track? Nope, neither of these. However, our condo in Brentwood is adjacent to a pond and wooded area, and this environment adds immensely to our lives because of both the beauty and the wildlife that are part of it.

I enjoy feeding the birds and in recent days the birds have done a superb job of scattering birdseed from the two feeders onto the sidewalk and grassy areas under the feeders. This free buffet line of corn bits, sunflower seeds, and other delicacies along the ground had proven to be a significant attraction for the geese (a gaggle of them if you call four adults and five goslings a gaggle).

Amused and intrigued by what I was seeing, I grabbed my camera, which I keep on my desk for such occasions as this, and began taking pictures of our visitors, especially the cute, plump goslings scurrying around. They seemed totally oblivious to me (what’s exciting about a bald-headed old man gawking at you and talking pictures when you are feasting at an all-you-can-eat buffet?).

Within a short time, Carol had transferred the pictures, both still and video, to her computer and e-mailed them to our children and grandchildren. I’m sure this was a highlight of their day. I mean, who would have expected Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa to have a day with such a treat? Keeps ’em coming back to their e-mail since they never know what will be there from Mom/Dad, Grandma/Grandpa.

This brief interlude in our day did cause some thoughts to come to mind. Just as those geese and goslings were either unaware or unconcerned about our gawking at them and making a record of their visit with photos, we may have a lack of awareness or concern about those who may be observing our lives and making a record of what they see. As Christians, we should take note of this.

My reaction to the geese and goslings was primarily amusement and a conviction that this is what geese do. They weren’t trying to make me think they were anything but geese eating what was available as they took a stroll on a sunny afternoon. This is what geese do.

How do people who do not share our faith look at us? Are we an amusement or disappointment? Do they look at us and think that this is what Christians do? Though I found the geese to be interesting, I didn’t want to be one of them. My hope is that this is not the reaction of people when they see us as Christians.


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1 Response to For What It’s Worth

  1. Nancy Duncan says:

    Very good story. As Christians I agree that we fail in our actions each day. I have many times been utterly surprised to hear that a certain person was a S
    unday school teacher because during the week they certain wear a different suit. I pray that my daily life is an example of how a Christian should live and that no one is surprised when I mention that I attend church.

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