For What It’s Worth

Blog break

Because of circumstances in my life, I haven’t been writing this blog regularly the past couple of weeks, and now it is necessary to take break from writing it. My hope is that it is a brief break, perhaps only a couple of weeks.

I have been involved recently with a series of medical tests and the evidence is clear. I need bypass surgery. So, Thursday I will be having triple bypass surgery at Oklahoma Heart Hospital in Oklahoma City. With all the prayers being offered on my behalf, I am confident of a positive outcome. However, some recovery time will be necessary, so I doubt that I will be back blogging for a couple of weeks, perhaps longer.

My neighbor, Fred Sawatzky, came over yesterday and edged and trimmed my yard. He volunteered to mow it until I’m back in condition to do it myself. We haven’t made any homemade ice cream yet this year, but last year we took some to him on occasion because he really likes the stuff. Wow, if he keeps doing my lawn, think of how much ice cream we will have to make to repay the favor.

I can’t come close to expressing the appreciation I have for the wonderful response from my family and friends at this time and the encouragement this is to me. Awesome! To everyone who has offered a word of support, called, visited, or emailed, I say thanks. This really is meaningful to me and to Carol.

So many of you have promised to pray, and I appreciate that. My Christian faith makes facing this situation much easier. It provides comfort and assurance I’m confident would not be there for me otherwise.

The break from my blog begins today, but I’m looking forward to being back blogging again soon.

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2 Responses to For What It’s Worth

  1. Hubert Edgar says:

    God will be with you and Carol through this.

    • Cleo Rose says:

      Harry you and Carol are in my prayers. I truly feel that everything will go well. You all please call me If I can do anything. I could turn the crank on the ice cream freezer and keep ice cream provided to Mr. Sawatzky. Harry take care and I know you know the Lord is watching over you. Cleo

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