For What It’s Worth

Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you often.

I’m new to this little plot of cyber space, but I’m looking forward to my time here. I’m not an interloper since no one owns this spot of cyber space nor am I a squatter illegally staking a claim. I’m just here hoping to homestead a blog and develop it in a way that attracts you and others to stop by regularly for a visit.

Years ago I was editor and publisher of a small weekly newspaper in Tennessee, and in that capacity I wrote a weekly column for several years. The column was entitled “For What It’s Worth,” and I used it to share thoughts for my readers to evaluate and decide for themselves what my observations were worth.

The day came, though, that my wife, Carol, and I sold the newspaper, and I taught journalism for a while before retiring. In these intervening years since selling the paper, I haven’t written a column and I have missed doing it. That’s why I’m here in this wee spot of cyber space. For What It’s Worth is being reborn as a blog.

This time, there is no weekly deadline. I can post to the blog whenever I wish. Nor am I restricted to a specific word length. A length requirement is sometimes a taskmaster. What you have to say may not take many words, and you are faced with space left to fill. Or, you may desire one or two more sentences or paragraphs but the length requirement denies you that option. That taskmaster will not be missed.

For What It’s Worth in blog form will be the same in content. Sometimes, we’ll offer observations on contemporary issues or happenings in a serious manner. Other times, we’ll take a humorous view of life. Perhaps, I’ll yield to temptation occasionally and allow some sarcasm to slip in. However, I’ll do so advisedly because sarcasm is much harder to do in the written word than it is through the spoken word where tone of voice, facial expression, and body language are assets. I may also convey some personal life experience in the hope that you can laugh with me (at me, if you wish) or that you can in some way relate to the experience. If nothing else, you might be able to say, “Wow, glad to know that somebody else does that, too.”

When you visit this blog, it does not have to be a monologue; it can be a conversation. You are welcome to offer comments. Your observations are of equal value to mine. In your comments, please refrain from profanity, dirty language or personal attack on an individual.

Thanks for dropping in today. Come by another day and let’s share a smile or perhaps a rant.

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